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An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numeric identifier for a specific device which is connected to a network. The purpose of an IP address is to identify a specific host on a network as well as to help locate it. You may need to check your IP address if you want to run a mail, ftp, or game server, or for software such as remote desktop. IPv4, the version of the protocol which is most widely used, is a 32-bit number, but due to the massive growth of the internet, the protocol needed to be expanded to allow for a larger range addresses. Because of this IPv6 was developed.

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A user agent is any software that retrieves and presents Web content for end users or is implemented using Web technologies. The user agent string of your browser is a line of text which contains information about your browser, operating system, rendering engines, and sometimes other pieces of information. This information is sometimes useful for a website to understand how it will be viewed in order to display the most appropriate content in the optimal way.

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